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A Product in Detail : Plush walk 12mm Carpet Underlay

a product in detail - Plushwalk

A Product in Detail : Plush walk 12mm Carpet Underlay

In this post we wanted to cover one of our best selling products..the Plushwalk® 12mm carpet underlay

12mm Plushwalk®

plushwalk 12mm carpet underlay

12mm Plushwalk®


Our ‘A product in detail’ blog covers flooring related subjects to enable you to gain more information on our products and ensure you buy the correct products suited to do the job you require it to do.

The Plushwalk Underlay range designed for carpets has always been a favourite product to pick in the Luxury underlay category. With a great selection of thicknesses plushwalk covers suitability for all areas in your home, the thicknesses they come in are 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

They are rigorously tested to BS5808:1991.

A few key features:

  • Incorporates memory foam providing astonishing levels of comfort and softness underfoot.
  • Plushwalk® excels in improved compression recovery making it better for resisting furniture indentation marks.
  • Features a DPM membrane which acts as a moisture barrier between your sub floor and floor, perfect for areas where dampness may be an issue.

Below are all the products we have to offer in the Plushwalk® range of underlays

12mm Plushwalk® carpet underlay

12mm Plushwalk®

A product in detail

10mm Plushwalk® carpet underlay

10mm Plushwalk®

10mm spec

8mm Plushwalk® carpet underlay

8mm Plushwalk®

8mm spec
Frequently asked questions

Q: Why is it important to find the right underlay for your home and do you really need it?

In short, Yes.

When you lay a new fitted carpet it is always recommended to replace the underlay. Over time odours, dust and grime embed themselves into your underlay. Fresh new underlay helps to prevent carpet piles from flattening as it acts like a shock absorber when you walk upon it keeping the carpet pile taught and the tufts standing on end. When installed correctly new carpet underlay will also help to reduce your home energy bills, so when you are upgrading to a thicker / dense underlay offering higher Tog properties you are effectively holding  the heat within the room or the cold from entering which ever way you look at it.

Q: Do I need to go for the thickest underlay?

No you don’t have to go for the thickest! We would always advise that you go for a thicker underlay in the high traffic areas of the home such as the hallways , stairs, landings, lounges and dining rooms as it will help to combat the underlay fatigue over time.  A quality branded underlay 8mm or 10mm carpet underlay will be adequate for bedrooms, dressing rooms and other low traffic areas.

Q: Should I buy the best brand?

Yes, it is advisable to go for branded underlays such as the Wilsons Plushwalk® , Tredaire range and other great manufacturers. The justification for this is they put more technology into designing the perfect underlay and over time they will not break down and therefore save money when pitted against some of the cheaper budget underlays. Not only that they will be rigorously tested to meet British safety standards against a great many number of areas such as being fire retardant, wear and tear and lifespan of the product.

Q: I have uneven floorboards, will a thicker underlay get rid of the unevenness?

This is a question we come up against many times when our customers are looking to overcome the ‘ripple’ effect that sometimes shows through carpets. The simple answer to this question is No it will not remove the ‘ripple’ effect.  To remove this look you will need to invest in a plywood liner or other suitable wood / composite sheet material such as ‘ No More Ply ‘, these sheets will need to be laid on top of the subfloor (floorboards) in order to minimise these uneven areas. Another advantage of using a sheet material onto your subfloor is that it will reduce drafts coming from the void underneath and the presence of dark marks appearing around the perimeter of the room on your carpet due to drafts carrying dust partials, usually more present on really light carpets over time.  .

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